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About Us And Caring For You Right At Home

caregiver giving a glass of water to elder womanAs an agency, Better Health Home Care strongly believes in CARING because it is like a medicine, a life touch that helps to keep the spirit, soul, mind and body together and it knows no boundary. Caring is a powerful instrument with different level of care whereby we as people connect with one another to make a difference in human lives by providing supportive services according to each individual unique plan of care.

We came in and join caring teams to promote the quality of life, give new hope, help to maintain one’s level of indepaendence and help to prevent early risk of institutional facilities. We provide supportive services that are non-medical and cost effective right at home to individuals who cannot fully function independently at present due to health problems or advanced age.

The way of caring for your loved one means a lot to us, and adds more to life. We believe it is very important to take time in caring for individuals with health problems or aged parents, one person at a time when depending on us to assist with their daily living activities and enable them maintain their level of independence.

That’s when Better Health Home Care professional caregivers come in on a mission to work as a team with each individual or with family member, to assist in providing the utmost support to each individual, allowing time at every moment for you to fully participate in your care, provide assistance based on your special need and decision, fully respect your right, and maintain your privacy.

We understood that at home, families caring for their loved ones need strenght to carry on each day and time for themselves to meet other family or personal needs, so whether you or your loved one is;

  • Discharged from the hospital after illness or surgery; not fully recovered and in-need of homecare assistance while recuperating,
  • Have chronic health problem and requires care until stabilized,
  • In the final stages of an incurable disease,
  • Categorized as mentally challenged individual,
  • Unable to self-care due to advanced age,
  • Unable to self-care due to personal needs

Our dependable and committed caregivers will assist to provide you with continuous support, at the required time according to your care plan.

When you call us for home care assistance…

We will send our professional staff nurse to closely communicate with you, and assess your need based on your present health and personal needs; the objective is to get to know you, the client/family, the home environment, the level of care needed, personal preferences and any other resources you might need.

At the same time we will let you know how we can work together with you/your family to ensure right and quality care is given. This enables us to create and maintain a care plan program that works and encourages client’s independence and dignity. We design and customize a care plan based on each client’s unique and special needs.

It is our goal for our clients to maximize the utmost support we provide to them, to prosper in their health; physically, emotionally and spiritually and that is exactly what we are committed to do every day.

We will love to hear from you or to schedule an assessment for your loved one for personal support at home; contact our office at 678-770-4581.